eQCM-I Micro (eQCM-D)

The only eQCM-D device on the market under $10,000!

Starting at $9,700

Impedance measurement and dissipation monitoring, synchronized with electrochemical measurement: The eQCM-I Micro unit is a high-sensitivity mass sensor measuring the frequency change of a quartz crystal resonator. Coupled with the provided potentiostat, the eQCM-I Micro can measure both QCM and electrochemical parameters through our BioSense software, allowing synchronized control and monitoring of both the QCM-D and potentiostat devices from a single software user interface.

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Product Description

The only QCM-D device with synchronized electrochemical measurement under $10,000! Starting at $9,700

Model: eQCM-I Micro

Price: starts at an only $9,700

Package Includes: eQCM-I Micro Device, BioSense software license, EC software module and EmStatPico potenciostat

Main Features:

  • Frequency and FWHM (and/or dissipation) measurement
  • Measures fundamental frequency and overtones up to 80 MHz
  • Dual measurement channels
  • Electrochemical measurement
  • Variety of external sensor holder modules
  • Modular sensor-holder for accommodating different sensor sizes
  • BioSense data acquisition, visualization and modeling software included

Control and measurement:

The BioSense software is a comprehensive application platform utilized across the entire range of our analytical instruments. It facilitates complete control of the eQCM-I Micro instrument, managing user accounts, data acquisition, display, storage, and management, as well as data processing and export. With the integration of the electrochemical module, it also oversees the control of a potentiostat and ensures synchronized data acquisition.

Two measurement modes are available:

  • Resonance: Measurement of resonance curve and calculation of the resonance frequency & FWHM up to 80 MHz
  • QCM-t: Continuous measurement of the resonance parameters and the temperature of the flow-cell.

Calculation: various QCM and ad-layer parameters can be calculated using standard or custom made models. All these parameters can be displayed on the screen, printed, saved or can be exported for further evaluation.

Sensors for the eQCM-I Micro device:

We offer specialized QCM-ITO crystals with our eQCM-D system. The QCM-ITO sensor utilizes transparent ITO electrodes, resulting in more stable electrochemical measurements. Additionally, this sensor is suitable for optical investigations.

Pricing starts at only $9,700. Contact us for more details and for an official quote for your purchase order.