One of The Fastest and Most Modular QCM-D Systems

OCM-I (QCM-D) Quartz Crystal Microbalance Device
The MicroVacuum QCM-I is one of the fastest and most modular QCM-D  and eQCM-D systems available worldwide. With one of the highest mass sensitivity in liquid (~0.4 ng/cm2) at 2-second acquisition rate, with extreme temperature range possibilities and wide variety of sensor holder options, and with its networked architecture that allows unlimited channels to be controlled from a central host, the application possibilities are endless. The BioSense API allows any 3rd party devices to communicate and sync with the QCM measurement, and with this unique capability, a new level of customization of setup options are now possible, for the first time.

Did we mention, it's the most affordable system also per its advanced technical parameters?

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