Comparing QCM-D devices: QCM-I vs QCM-I Mini

The QCM-I and QCM-I Mini are both quartz crystal microbalance devices with dissipation monitoring capabilities (QCM-D) with different feature set to support various market segments. See below the list how these QCM-D analytical instruments compare to each other.

More Versatile
QCM-D device
QCM-I Mini
More Compact

QCM-D device
Ready to use, with complete fluidic system StandardOptional
Number of QCM channels2, upgradable to 4 1 + 1 external
Temperature controlled channels2, upgradable to 4 1
Independently temperature controlled channels (unique from competitors)all1
Temperature range of channels4°C to 80°C 15°C to 65°C
Adaptor to external temperature probeoptionaln.a.
PC with pre-installed BioSense control and data acquisition softwarestandardstandard
Fluidicspump + valvesstatic/manual
Peristaltic pump to independently control the liquid flow in the channelsstandardoptional
Sample selection valve, 5 port, manual, all channels standardoptional
Semiautomatic, programmable sample injection valve, one channel standardoptional
On site installation, training standardoptional
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