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Combining QCM-I and OWLS Measurements to Understand Polymer Multilayer Deposition Processes

Understanding the adsorption of surface active layers is complex. The most useful real-time techniques provide multiple pieces of information, however a much clearer picture can be obtained by combining such techniques.1 QCM-I measures changes relating to the hydrated mass and rigidity of surface layers. Combining this with an optical technique such as OWLS, the “dry mass” […]
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Fibronectin terminated multilayer films: protein adsorption and cell attachment studies

Abstract Electrostatically driven layer-by-layer (LbL) assembly is a simple and robust method for producing structurally tailored thin film biomaterials, of thickness ca. 10nm, containing biofunctional ligands. We investigate the LbL formation of multilayer films composed of polymers of biological origin (poly(L-lysine) (PLL) and dextran sulfate (DS)), the adsorption of fibronectin (Fn)–a matrix protein known to […]
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Using Complementary Acoustic and Optical Techniques for Quantitative Monitoring of Biomolecular Adsorption at Interfaces

Abstract The great wealth of different surface sensitive techniques used in biosensing, most of which claim to measure adsorbed mass, can at first glance look unnecessary. However, with each technique relying on a different transducer principle there is something to be gained from a comparison. In this tutorial review, different optical and acoustic evanescent techniques […]
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