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QCM-D with extended temperature range from -40°C to +150°C

The standard temperature range of our QCM-D system is from -40 °C up to 80 °C with better than +- 0.02 °C stability. We can control the temperature of the two QCM sensors independently from the other with the help of a computer controlled high precision Peltier driver. The temperature of the sensors are measured with a high stability Pt100 RTD and the cold side of the Peltier is temperature stabilized with a closed loop water cooling system.

However using custom solutions for the heating and/or cooling, we can extend the standard temperature range further.

With a two stage Peltier element the temperature of the QCM sensor can be controlled  down as low as  -40 °C and up to 150 °C.

The modularity of our QCM-D system allows the customer to carry our QCM-D measurements with  custom designed external QCM sensor holders at elevated temperatures. One example is that the special construction of our QSH-dip-in sensor holder ( made from PEEK ) allows it to  be housed in a jacketed chamber like the one shown schematically on the attached drawing. Another custom solution is if our QSH-HT sensor holder is used in an electrically heated chamber as the photo shows.

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