Sponsoring Elsevier’s Bio-Sensing Technology conference in 2022

7th International Conference on Bio-Sensing Technology

We are proudly sponsoring the 7th International Conference on Bio-Sensing Technologies. The event be held in Sitges, Spain from May 22 to May 25.

The conference brings together industry and academia in order to exchange and share experiences, present research results, explore collaborations with the goal of developing new projects and new technology for bio-sensing applications.

You can learn about the detailed program on Elsevier’s site.

Please stop by at our booth for a demonstration of our QCM-D and OWLS devices and for discussion on some of the latest bio-sensing applications our devices are used for.

About us:

MicroVacuum is a world leader in R&D and production of label-free biomolecular interaction analyzing systems, based on grating coupler optical and Quartz Crystal Microbalance acoustic sensors. MicroVacuum manufactures instruments based on OWLS, QCM and Electro-Chemical sensing methods in selectable configurations. The novel OWLS QCM 3000 instrument is a real-time, label-free biosensor system that combines OWLS, QCM and EC measurement in a single integrated platform, making possible to analyze Wet & Dry mass adsorbed layers. Using the three methods parallel on similar sensor surface offers more fundamental and complex understanding of the biomolecular interactions.